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Sustainable Development in Streetwear Clothing Manufacturing

The ultimate goal of sustainable development theory is to achieve common, coordinated, fair, efficient and multi-dimensional development.
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Fabric Selection

In modern society, our life will produce a lot of garbage every day. Much of it will take hundreds or even thousands of years to degrade. This is a great challenge to our living environment, and a lot of garbage is non-degradable and does great harm to the environment. We have noticed this in the production of clothing, so our company generally recommends that our customers use pure cotton fabric to customize clothes. Because pure cotton fabrics can be recycled and also can be broken down, and they can be reused to make soundproofing cotton in our cars or carpets and so on. When it can no longer be used at all, it can even be recycled by power stations and burned to make electricity. This is of great benefit to our resource recycling and environmental protection.contact us

Packaging and Label

For the production of packaging and label brands of our clothing, our suggestion to customers is to use kraft paper bags to pack clothes, so that we do not need to use plastic bags to pack clothes. Waste plastics will not only occupy a large amount of land with landfill, but also the occupied land can not be restored for a long time, which affects the sustainable utilization of land. It takes 200 years for waste plastic products that go into domestic waste to degrade if they are buried in landfills. What's more, plastic bags take petroleum as raw material, which not only consumes a lot of resources, but also cannot be decomposed, and buried underground will pollute the land and rivers.contact us

Paper Label Instead of PVC

The label made of PVC is also disposable, its value is very small, but when it is abandoned, nature needs decades or even hundreds of years to decompose it naturally. If a lot is produced, the damage to the natural environment is incalculable. If we all use brown paper and paper labels, when they are discarded, they can be recycled, broken down, and made into whole new paper, and they can be recycled all the time, without causing damage to our environment.contact us
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