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How to Start Your Own Streetwear Business?

How to Start Your Own Streetwear Business?

Mar 11,2023
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Designing artwork for a t-shirt or hat might seem like a simple task, but when it comes to the technical application of design; things can get complicated. Starting your own streetwear label was easy! We encourage you to know yourself before investing time and money, and we'll help you by walking you through the different steps to consider when creating and designing your own clothing brand.

In this article, we'll walk you through the efficient and cost-effective way to start a streetwear collection as well as the technical part of garment printing to help you avoid having to redesign your logo or any other artwork you want to print on it - shirts, hats or pants .
What is Streetwear?
Streetwear is a casual fashion style that became popular in the 1990s. It includes comfortable yet stylish apparel such as graphic tees, hoodies, sweatpants, and sneakers. The streetwear brand is inspired by hip-hop culture and skateboarding styles. Followers of the latest trends in streetwear are known as hype freaks, and many go out of their way to buy limited-edition designer hats, hoodies, sneakers, and more.

The first streetwear labels emerged in Southern California in the 1980s, when surfers sold screen-printed T-shirts to advertise their hand-shaped surfboards. Inspired by the street style of Los Angeles skateboarders and surfers, as well as hip-hop fashion, small New York City skate shops started creating their own designs in the 1990s.

In the 2000s, sneaker culture influenced street fashion. The Hypebeasts paired their graphic tees with sneakers, and the collaboration flourished.
The 2010s saw the birth of luxury streetwear. As young people and social influencers make streetwear a major part of popular culture, the fashion world is taking notice, with everyone from mainstream activewear labels to high fashion getting in on the action.
Tips for Starting Your Own Streetwear Business

Learn About Streetwear Style

The street style took off in the 1990s and is now mainstream fashion. The definition of streetwear has evolved over the years, but at its core is casual clothing that embodies elements of sportswear, sportswear, skateboarding, hip-hop, and some punk.

Before you launch your brand, it's wise to evaluate the styles you want to sell. You may find that your idea of streetwear is more high-end than your competitors. Or maybe you realize your style leans more towards sportswear than punk and leaves out some gritty street elements. There is nothing wrong with differentiating and serving a niche market, but you also need to make sure you represent your target market and ideal audience.

Broaden Your Field of Competition

Determining the scope of your competitors can give you insight into the streetwear industry, but it can also help you identify gaps in the market. Ask yourself what they do well and how you can create a better product and customer experience. Take note of the clothing they sell, how they market it, their photos, and how user-friendly their website is.

Spending time on your competitor's social media channels can also provide insight into what their customers are doing. Research which posts and photos their audience reacts to the most, and what they are saying. In addition to social media, you can also do some research to find online reviews. Review customer testimonials, both good and bad, and note how you can improve the customer experience.

Research Your Target Market

If you already sell clothing and other items on your eCommerce store, you're ahead of the curve. Send email newsletters, surveys or post feedback on your social media channels. Find out what type of streetwear they want, their favorite brands, and their favorite designs or customizations. The more details you gather, the easier the start-up process will be.

Even if you don't have a fixed audience, you can still research your target market to gather more information for your streetwear collection. Check out Reddit or Facebook groups as some places to start.

Keep Overhead Low

Starting or expanding a business takes time and money, and usually not much of either. Research shows that 66% of small businesses are dealing with financial challenges and 43% cite operating expenses as their most important expense.

There are always free and cheap ways to start and run a business. Print on Demand (POD) helps create high profit margins with premium products. Our production and fulfillment services are also reliable and quickly scale your eCommerce business. Best of all, you pay no upfront fees and earn when your products sell. No inventory to store or add fees. 

Know Your Printing Options

It is critical to understand your printing options and how they can affect the quality of your designs and products. Otherwise, you could end up with a poorly designed product and high returns.

Make a Marketing Plan

Creating a marketing plan can be daunting, but you can start small and grow your streetwear line business over time. Start by spreading the word on social media or your existing email list. But to gain momentum, you need to be in front of an engaged audience that already fits your target market.

Collaborating with an influencer who already loves streetwear and posting product photos is a great place to start. Depending on the size of their audience, you can pay a flat fee, a percentage of sales, or swap products for exposure. Another option is to look for like-minded businesses that are not competitors.

Provide Exemplary Customer Service

The customer service you provide is just as important as the product you create. Research shows that 90% of Americans consider customer service when deciding whether to do business with a company. Offering a live chat option to check in with customers about their orders and do your best to make things right can go a long way toward building trust with customers.

Research Your Results

Even if your business is thriving, researching your results and data is essential. Otherwise, you will miss valuable opportunities to improve your processes and identify strengths and evidence in your business. the
Research which pages attract the most customers and from which channels. You may find that you can skip advertising on Instagram and focus on TikTok instead. Or you might see a lot of people not completing the checkout process. An abandoned cart app can entice customers to complete their orders or revisit the user-friendliness of the process, both of which can boost your sales.

Perfect Your Process

With your streetwear business up and running, it's time to perfect your process. See everything from what you sell to how you handle your finances to make informed choices about your business. You may find that you spend too much time on social media and not enough time following up with clients.

Also, rely on tools to keep your business organized and free up more time in your industry to save time and money.
The Importance of Finding a Reliable Streetwear Manufacturer
When it comes to the fashion industry, streetwear manufacturers play a vital role in ensuring the success of clothing brands. From concept to creation, streetwear manufacturers bring fashion designers' designs and ideas to life, creating finished products that customers love and buy. Finding a reliable clothing manufacturer is crucial for established brands and startups alike, as it can greatly affect a brand's quality, consistency, and success.

Why Reliable Streetwear Manufacturers Are Crucial to the Fashion Industry?

A reliable streetwear manufacturer is essential for a number of reasons. First and foremost, a reliable manufacturer can ensure that garments are produced to the highest quality standards, which is vital to building a solid reputation for your brand. Customers have high expectations of the apparel they buy, and it is the manufacturer's responsibility to meet those expectations. Poor quality products can damage your reputation, and it's hard to undo it.

Another reason a reliable streetwear manufacturer is essential is that they can help maintain consistency in the production process. Consistency is key in the fashion industry. Because it helps build brand awareness and build trust with customers. Customers should be able to expect the same quality, fit, and style with every garment they purchase from a brand, and a reliable apparel manufacturer can help ensure this.

Finally, finding a reliable streetwear manufacturer can also help reduce the stress and hassle of the production process. Partnering with a reliable, efficient, and experienced manufacturer streamlines the production process and makes it easier for brands to bring products to market quickly and efficiently.
How to Choose a Reliable Streetwear Manufacturer?
There are several factors to consider when choosing a reliable streetwear manufacturer. First, it is important to consider their experience and expertise in the industry. A manufacturer with a proven track record of producing high-quality products is more likely to meet your expectations.

It's also important to consider their manufacturing capabilities, including the types of materials they use, production capabilities, and manufacturing processes. You should look for a streetwear manufacturer who can produce the quantity you need in the time you want.

Another important factor to consider is their ability to communicate and collaborate. It is crucial to choose a manufacturer with whom you can communicate easily and effectively, as this helps ensure a smooth production process. You should also look for manufacturers who are willing to work with you and achieve your goals with you.

Finding a reliable streetwear manufacturer is crucial. From ensuring high-quality products to maintaining consistency and streamlining production processes, a reliable street manufacturer can make a big difference to a brand's success. When choosing a manufacturer, consider their experience, manufacturing capabilities, and communication skills, as finding a reliable apparel manufacturer is crucial to the success of an apparel brand. Make sure you find a partner who can help you achieve your goals.
How Lodyway Can Help You Build Your Street Style Brand?
Lodyway's one-stop customization service can perfectly meet your clothing brand customization needs. We can support your streetwear brand with:

Professional Design

We cooperate with many fashion designers around the world and launch new products every week, which can ensure the rapid update of the product catalog. It can also provide professional advice and guidance to help you choose fashion brands suitable for your area.

Custom Label

We can produce the labels you need and sew them. We have a variety of styles and materials for you to choose from. We also have eco-friendly and renewable materials.

Custom Packaging

We can provide custom packing tape, and print your logo to showcase your brand. If you want biodegradable recycled bags, we can also provide you, let us do our part to protect the environment.

Custom Size

We accept custom-sized clothing. If you have any questions about size, we will help you with sizing and advice.

Custom Logo Craft

Every customer has their own brand. The display of the logo is different in different clothing crafts. We have a variety of advanced technologies that can display your brand logo according to your requirements, making your brand logo more unique and famous.

Fabric Selection

As a garment manufacturer for 20 years, Lodyway has a very stable fabric supplier, which can guarantee the stable production of multiple batches of goods. And Lodyway is close to the largest fabric market in China, so we can get the latest fabrics faster, so as to help you create fashion clothes that are more in line with market trends, and we can provide you with any fabrics you want, even customized fabrics.

Lodyway can provide you with corresponding help according to your needs. We can provide you with low MOQ and corresponding favorable prices, which can help you save costs and avoid slow sales. We have professional designers who can help you design the clothes you want. We also have professional sales staff to help you sell your goods. We can accept various payment methods and shipping methods. To provide you with convenient one-stop service.

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