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Lodyway Specific Streetwear Clothing Production Process Display

We believe that the customer is very concerned about what the production process is like, and this page, we will show the specific production process and what you want to know about the process and the specific time.
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Timetable for Your Clothing Sample Development

Sample Development

How We Make Your Clothing Sample

Bulk order prices will be updated upon sample approval. Here are four factors that could lead to different prices

MOQ is 50 pcs/color

Too many sizes can lead to increased costs


Textile/fabric composition

Different fabrics have different prices. The price of the finished product will vary depending on the fabric used


Product Quality

The more complex the design of a garment, the higher the cost. This includes stitches, accessories, and buttons

Bulk Order Clothing

After the sample is confirmed, we will carry out the clothing production according to your order. From fabric procurement, to manufacturing, quality inspection, and finally to packaging and shipping, we strictly control the entire production procedure.

Clothing Shipping

We provide a variety of shipping options to meet all of your requirements.

By Express

The most expensive method, but the fastest is FedEx, DHL or UPS door-to-door service. It takes only 3-5 working days. Normally, samples and some urgent orders are sent via this method.

By Sea

If you require a large quantity of goods(more than 500kg), we recommend shipping by sea; it may take 20-30 days, but the shipping fee is cheap, so you need to order in advance.

Weight Suggestion

Ordering in bulk always saves on shipping fees, so we recommend ordering more than 21kg at a time. Shipping charges for 19kg will be more expensive than if you ordered 21 kg.

Tax by Destination Country

Tax by Destination Country There is a tariff that the destination country charges, and we have no control over it. Make sure you're able to pay the tax when the shipping company contacts you.

Final Shipping Fee

The shipping fee varies based on the method of shipment and weight of the products. For an accurate quote, please contact us when you are ready to ship your goods.

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We pay attention to the growth of your clothing brand and make your brand more popular with users. Lodyway's one-stop customization service can perfectly meet your clothing brand customization needs!We have a first-class design team and controllable quality, we can launch new designs every month, from clothing fabrics to styles, we have excellent supply chain solutions, contact us now and start from a sample order to know our perfect Serve.
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