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The earliest clothing manufacturing entrepreneur in China
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China's earliest garment manufacturing entrepreneurs

Humen is China's garment manufacturing and supply chain capital. Unlike most entrepreneurs who come here to work in the garment industry, I was born here as a child.

In 1992, our family began to engage in the garment industry, the earliest we engaged in clothing retailers and wholesalers. In 2002, we started to set up a garment factory. In the past 20 years, we mainly provide OEM manufacturing for international famous clothing brands, including men's clothing, fashion clothing brands, men's and women's casual clothing, women's light fashion dresses, and so on. In Humen engaged in clothing peers, almost all know that Lin is the leader of the clothing industry.

20 years garment OEM factory

With twenty years of OEM service to many international well-known clothing brands, I know a variety of clothing production technology, design technology, and fashion trends.

With more understanding and experience, we can serve every order of every clothing brand. According to the change of design style, the difference of clothing plate type and size in the process, due to different fabrics, different properties, elastic size and other factors. We have developed a mature production management process of controlling the plate type, stabilizing the size and making the process well.

I feel blessed to have a daughter in my business

What made me most happy was that after my daughter finished her study in Australia, she did not choose to work abroad. Instead, she told me firmly, "She also likes the garment industry, but it is not a simple OEM, but she wants to make a bigger change in the company with her ideas. "

30 years of focus on the clothing industry not only helped many clothing brands succeed, but also accompanied the team along the way, which are the biggest wealth of the company.

And my daughter's choice to join our cause fills me with confidence.

The Perfect Pair Of Shoes Can Only Take You So Far

Streetwear has been reserved for those that are a part of certain subcultures (ie: skaters, ballers, etc), Lodyway is not only for sports, art, music and street culture but nowadays anyone can find a streetwear brand that they identi with and take their fit game to the next level. The lines between what we once referred to as “streetwear" and high fashion have been becoming increasingly blurred. Streetwear is an ever-changing, constantly evolving world that grows in response to different trends, tastes and styles.

Do What I Love, I Can Only Focus On One Thing

My entrepreneurial vision didn't just appear out of thin air; it's deeply rooted in my family's tradition in the garment industry. My mom has been running a clothing manufacturing factory for over 20years. Ever since I was a kid, I've spent countless hours at my mom's factory. There, I witnessed every step of the clothing process, from design to production, and felt the allure and endless possibilities of the fashion industry.

After graduating from university, I focused my entrepreneurial dreams on the realm of men's streetwear - a dynamic and innovative market that I truly love. Moreover, my mom's company has already helped many clients succeed in custom streetwear, so I decided to establish a new business division dedicated to streetwear, hoping to concentrate more energy on it.

In my opinion, fashion shouldn't be confined to rigid definitions; everyone should have their own unique fashion culture. That uniqueness is the true charm of fashion. Lodyway will uphold this philosophy and collaborate with like-minded customers to create high-quality, trendy streetwear.

"Just the right shoes can take you further." This mantra isn't just about footwear; it's about choosing the right path and putting in the effort to make it happen.

Lodyway: Private Label Streetwear

we care about your streetwear clothing brand

The company arranges regular monthly discussion of market trends, combined with market demand, to create new styles.

Our clothing design integrates professional elements of color, line and material, as well as European and American street style, to design fashion, personality and retro clothing design for each season.

  • 30years

    Clothing Experience

  • 20years

    Clothing Production Team

  • 80+

    Serving 80 streetwear Brands

  • 15+

    Some Brands Continue To Cooperate For More Than 15 Years

One-stop Clothing Customization

We can not only provide customers with one-stop custom clothing services, but also provide customization of hats, shoes and bags.


Our factory is also customer's factory. Do not treat customers as customers, but treat customers as our partners. Provide operational services to customers.

Startup Company

From design, procurement, proofing, mass production, custom labeling, printing, and delivery, this mature production structure can give start-ups a step forward in rapid development, as well as brand quality assurance, with a product qualification rate of 99%.

We Care About Your Streetwear Clothing Brand Growth

Our custom design services will help you grow your street style clothing brand!
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We pay attention to the growth of your clothing brand and make your brand more popular with users. Lodyway's one-stop customization service can perfectly meet your clothing brand customization needs!We have a first-class design team and controllable quality, we can launch new designs every month, from clothing fabrics to styles, we have excellent supply chain solutions, contact us now and start from a sample order to know our perfect Serve.
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