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How Much To Customize Men’s Streetwear

It is important to research the cost of men's streetwear for your budget, as there are many factors will can affect the price. Here are many categories of Men’s Streetwear Catalog.
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Men's Streetwear Catalog

As a quick guide, Men's Streetwear can be divided into:

Custom Men's Hoodies


The average price of wholesale custom hoodies ranges from 9$ to 20$ each.

Custom Men's Sweatshirts


The average price of wholesale custom sweatshirts ranges from 8$ to 18$ each.

Custom Men's Pants


The average price of wholesale custom pants ranges from 8$ to 18$ each.

Custom Men's Shorts


The average price of wholesale custom shorts ranges from $7 to $16.50 each.

Custom Men's Jackets


The average price of wholesale custom jackets ranges from 14$ to 35$ each.

Custom Men's T-shirts


The average price of wholesale custom T-shirts ranges from 4.5$ to 15$ each.

What Factor Will Effect The Prices of Streetwear Clothing?

These factors are the key-point that can represent your brand value. You can see how much we should invest into these and help more people to understand your brand and value.

Clothing Design

Clients make change on different basic model and can change cutting of the clothes.

Different Fabric Options

Whether clients need to use different weights and add functions on clothes like quick dry, anti-wrinkle, anti-shrink, etc.

Tech Use in Clothing

The technology used in the details of men's clothes: print, embroidery, DTG print, emboss print, etc

Order Quantity

Different order quantity can effect the average cost in each units


Whether clients need any special logo on trims like zipper heads, eyelets, waistband ropes, etc.

Logo Sizes and Colors

The logo contain how many colors and how big it is will effect on unit prices as well

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