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Some fabric introductions

Some fabric introductions

Mar 1,2023
Denim is the leader in street fashion, which is quickly popular in the market for its tough and durable properties. The production method of denim is to finely weave the fiber material by the cloth machine. The surface weave is neat, the feel is delicate and strong, and it has strong wear resistance. It has good thermal performance and strong water resistance. It can be worn with hipster demeanor and fashion sense at the same time. Denim in the street fashion brand clothing occupies an important position, in the fashion industry can be said to have an irreplaceable position.
Nylon cloth is a kind of cotton cloth, it has the advantages of strength and wear resistance as well as sound insulation, can be used in sports clothing, outdoor clothing, decorative fabrics, underwear, shoes, home curtains and interior decoration and many other uses. Nylon cloth is composed of polyamide fiber, the surface is smooth and durable, light weight, but very high strength, and has strong wear resistance, and long service life. It not only has excellent performance, but also has good thermal insulation performance and comfort. It is one of the first choice materials for making sports clothing and outdoor clothing.
Spandex fabric is a very popular textile material. It is widely used for its excellent elasticity and comfort. It is composed of a kind of polyamide fiber (also known as spandex fiber), which can effectively resist moisture, has excellent elasticity and wear resistance, is one of the preferred materials for making clothing fabrics and home curtains. In addition, spandex fabric also has excellent thermal properties, easy to maintain, easy to clean, good heat resistance, strong durability, and antibacterial and UV resistance, is an ideal material for making all kinds of clothing and decorative curtains.
Twill is a classic garment fabric, usually a blend of cotton or mixed fibers. Twill fabric has good elasticity and comfort to protect clothing from the environment, and it is easy to iron and refinish, and has good wrinkle resistance. In addition, twill fabric also has good thermal properties and durability, can be made in a variety of styles of tops, pants, jackets, coats, vests, home curtains and other clothing and ornaments.

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