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Custom Men's Hoodies

Custom Men's Hoodies
We have professional designers who can help you design the style you want, we also have professional production technology to meet your any needs and production
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Professional Custom Men's Trendy Hoodie Manufacturer

Lodyway has extensive experience in manufacturing custom men's hoodies, and provides a large number of customizable options to meet your needs, including fabrics, labels, logos, embroidery, accessories, etc., to help your brand or business grow. 

We accept a low MOQ of 50pcs per design, so that you can try different designs and reduce investment risk. Welcome to send us your specific needs, and we will provide you with all-around customized services and the most competitive prices.

What Types of Custom Men's Trendy Hoodies Do We Offer?

Men's Streetwear Hoodies: Men's street style hoodies are typically loose cut with a hood, long sleeves and cuffs, and a pocket. This type of clothing focuses on individuality and fashion in design, and is often paired with casual clothing such as jeans, sweatpants, and slacks.

Men's Hip Hop Hoodies: Men's hip-hop hoodies are often cut in loose fits and bright colors to capture the cool and free-spirited attitude of the hip-hop culture. It usually has a hood with a zip, a center front pocket or two side pockets, and is sometimes patterned, printed or embroidered for added decorative effect.

Men's Skateboard Hoodies: Men's skate style hoodies are generally an athletic piece of clothing, and they're often made from soft yet durable fabrics for extreme sports like skateboarding. This type of clothing usually has a loose design and large pockets so that the athlete can move freely during sports. Additionally, such hoodies typically have a large hood that provides additional protection from the sun, rain, or other external elements on the body.

Men's Casual Hoodies: Men's casual hoodies are typically made from soft, comfortable fabrics and feature a one-piece hood, often with cord adjustments to fit the size of the head. They are usually lightweight and can be worn comfortably for casual occasions such as outdoor activities, sports, or just everyday wear.

How to Customize Men's Hoodies for Your Brand or Business?

Determine Your Needs: First, determine the style, fabric, size, color, design and other details of the hoodie you need. You can refer to our existing hoodie designs, or send us your brand and business needs, and our experienced design team will provide you with professional suggestions and solutions, and confirm the design with you.

Conduct Sample Confirmation: Before starting bulk orders, we will conduct sample development according to the confirmed needs and designs, and provide them to you for confirmation whether you need to adjust the design or details.

Confirm the Price and Order Details: After the sample is confirmed, you can communicate and confirm the specific order requirements and price, such as product quantity, delivery date, payment method, etc.

Production and Quality Inspection: We will produce men's hoodies according to the order, and pass quality inspection to ensure that all products meet your requirements.

Transportation and Delivery: After completing the quality inspection, we will deliver the product to you within the agreed delivery period according to the previously confirmed transportation method.

How Much Do Custom Men's Hoodies Cost?

The cost of custom men's hoodies is variable as it can be affected by many factors, including fabric, workmanship, size, and more. The following is a description of the factors that affect cost.

Fabric: Many types of fabrics are used to make hoodies, and prices vary widely, with higher quality fabrics costing more. Common fabrics include cotton, polyester, wool, polyester fiber, etc. The specific cost is related to which fabric you choose.

Design and Style: Complex designs and styles will have higher requirements on the production process and production process, which requires more manual work, time and more advanced equipment. The simple design and style cost is relatively low.

Production Process: As mentioned above, some designs require special production processes, such as special sewing, embroidery processes, printing techniques, etc. The use of these processes will increase costs.

Size: If the hoodie needs to be offered in different sizes, the cost may be higher due to the use of different fabrics and additional adjustments to accommodate different sizing requirements. If you need to order a large number of hoodies in the same size, the cost may be relatively low because the cost of the production process can be spread over more garments.

Shipping Cost: Different courier companies, shipping methods, shipping distance, weight and size, shipping insurance, etc. will all affect the shipping cost, which is also part of the cost of custom men's hoodies.
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