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The Ultimate Guide to Wearing and Styling for a Men's Hoodie

The Ultimate Guide to Wearing and Styling for a Men's Hoodie

May 14,2024
Men's Hoodie
Men's Hoodie
A hoodie may be one of the things you wear when cold weather occurs. If you enjoy jogging in the morning or at night, wearing a lightweight hoodie is an easy way to make sure you aren't frozen. Hoodies are not only a practical dress, they can be a fashion statement.

Lodyway Offers a range of hoodies that cater for stylish men. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the multiple ways you design your Lodyway hoodie to make sure you stand out in any environment.

Should the Men's Hoodie Be Tight or Loose?

Different people like different collocations. If you like a laid-back, casual look, a loose hoodie may be a good choice for you. You may also find them more comfortable because there is enough room to move freely.

However, if you are pursuing a more sporty look, a tight hoodie might be better for you. Tight hoodies may also be easier to wear under other clothing because of their smaller size. If you wear a hoodie while exercising outdoors, you may also find a fitted hoodie to keep you warm and reduce wind resistance while running.

Both styles are great-it depends on what you like to look in the mirror and feel most comfortable. There is no right or wrong thing in dressing!

What Kind of Hoodie Should I Choose?

Hoodies are extremely versatile and can be worn for many different events and occasions. Do you exercise in the cold? Wear a hoodie. Are you going to shop in the city? Wear a hoodie. Or maybe you just need to keep warm around your house? Wear a hoodie.

Let's find out the best hoodies for every event and how to design them.

The Best Hoodie to Choose When Sports

When choosing a sports hoodie, you need to consider what exercise you can do.

When considering your fitness bag preference, a hoodie may not be your preferred choice. But some people are bound to wear a hoodie when they work out at the gym because it helps keep their muscles warm and thus helps prevent injury, not to mention they are also super comfortable. If you need a hoodie to work out indoors, choose a breathable and relatively lightweight hoodie. If you choose something too heavy, you may be at higher risk of heat exhaustion and underperformance.

However, if you like playing outdoors in the winter, it's best to wear something slightly heavier to ensure you don't freeze. Ultimately, the hoodie you choose will depend on the cold of the day. So it may be helpful to add a range of different hoodies to your winter training kit so you can pick them based on temperature.

How to Design a Sporty Hoodie

The most important thing about wearing a sports hoodie is comfort and practicality! If you work out in a hoodie, you will need to pair it with comfortable tight pants / leggings or shorts. This will give you a good range of exercise, running, jumping, squatting, and etc. If you need some extra help in the pantyhose purchase department, please check out our pantyhose buying guide.

You should also wear a breathable vest or T-shirt inside in case you get too hot and need to take off your hoodie to cool down. Wear your clothing with premium men's or women's shoes to keep your feet comfortable during the workout. If running is your preferred sport, please use our running shoe buying guide to buy the best shoes for you.

Best Hoodie Choice for Street Wear

If you are looking for a hoodie for purely style reasons, you may need to choose an oversized style. If you can't find an oversized style, just buy a favorite hoodie a few sizes larger than the regular size. Trends are changing quickly, but for now, the oversized hoodie is sure to bring you some fashion highlights.

Some streetwear gurus will also pay close attention to brands. At Lodyway, we have lots of cool streetwear brands. These brands usually have a clear brand image and a strong personality to earn you the extra cool spot in the fashion world.

In terms of color and style, it ultimately depends on your taste. Everyone is different, so choose the clothes that you feel the most comfortable and confident in. We have a variety of hoodies at Lodyway to allow you to choose from.

How to Create a Hoodie for StreetWear

There are many ways you can create a stylish hoodie. If you need an extra layer, consider folding the hoodie under a leather or denim jacket for extra style points. Another option is to place it beneath your favorite down jacket.

For the bottom side, a pair of loose sweatpants or a pair of jeans can create an effortless, cool look. Pit with casual shoes and you have a complete outfit.

Best Choice Hoodie to Keep Warm

If your priority is to keep warm, you need a thick hoodie made of thermal materials such as wool. Wool locks in your body heat and keeps you warm in the winter.

How to Keep a Hoodie Warm

The answer is fairly simple. One layer, one layer, one layer! Hoodies are good overlapping pieces that can be worn under down jackets and coats to keep warm.

You may want to pair this hoodie with a beanie poop cap that will look good with the hood open or down. If you live in a very cold area, you can even wear men's or ladies' warm clothes under your hoodie for extra warmth.

How to Choose Which Hoodie to Buy

You may have realized that there are multiple options for buying a hoodie. Each hoodie has a different degree of warmth, different beauty and different fit. When choosing a hoodie, you need to consider some factors before purchasing it.

· What You Need It For: This may be the first thing you should ask yourself because it will determine what style, fit, and functionality you need. A hoodie designed for sports has better ventilation but less warmth, so keep this in mind.

· Material: Do you want a hoodie to keep you warm in the winter? Or do you just want a thin layer? Wool hoodies are much warmer than cotton hoodies, so always check their material before buying.

· Pocket: Do you need a pocket on your hoodie for your keys and wallet? For some people, this won't break the deal because they may use fitness kits or carry replacement bags. However, if you are an outdoor runner, pockets may be a must-have feature. Keep an eye on zip pockets so you don't fall out during your jog.

· Version: Do you want a streamlined, comfortable and sporty version or an oversized version that looks stylish when running errands? It depends on personal preference, but it largely determines how much wear you wear.

· Versatility: Do you want a hoodie that can be worn many times? If you don't have so many hoodies in your closet, it would be convenient to start with neutral colors and then switch to pop colors.


The key to designing a men's hoodie for a variety of occasions is to strike the right balance between comfort, style, and versatility. Whether you pair it with jeans and sneakers, or with tailored pants and dress shoes, there's a hoodie suit for every occasion. By following the tips and suggestions outlined in this guide, you will master the art of hoodie styling and make a lasting impression wherever you go. Keep in mind, the key to creating any look is confidence. So, proudly put on your Lodyway hoodie to make your style self-evident. If you want to order a men's hoodie, please contact us.

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At Lodyway, we pride ourselves in a variety of high quality apparel products designed to meet the unique needs and preferences of discerning customers. Whether you are a cutting-edge streetwear design seeking to break fashion boundaries or a timeless classic, Lodyway offers a comprehensive selection of styles and occasions. With a pursuit of excellence and a keen attention to detail, we are committed to providing our clients with unparalleled satisfaction, ensuring they always have the best look and feel.
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