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2024 Hottest T-shirt Process: Screen Printing Flocking Process

2024 Hottest T-shirt Process: Screen Printing Flocking Process

Apr 12,2024
2024 Hottest T-shirt Process: Screen Printing Flocking Process
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Screen Printing Flocking Process
With its exquisite technology and unique decorative effect, screen printing flocking technology is gradually becoming a bright pearl in the field of textile design and decoration. It not only gives a new life to textiles, but also brings double enjoyment to consumers in terms of vision and touch.
What is the screen printing flocking process?

Screen printing flocking process is a decorative process that combines screen printing technology with flocking technology. It first uses screen printing technology to print the design on the textile, and then forms a layer of velvet on the printed pattern by applying glue and spreading the velvet powder. Finally, the fluff powder and glue are fixed to the surface of the textile by heat or pressure treatment, creating a textured decorative effect. This process can give rich texture and three-dimensionality to the textile, making the design more vivid and attractive.

The core of the screen printing flocking process lies in its dual effect: first, the clear, fine patterns brought by screen printing technology; second, the soft, three-dimensional texture given by flocking technology. This process can be applied to various types of textiles, including clothing, home furnishings, handicrafts, etc., making the design more vivid and interesting to attract people's attention.
What are the characteristics of the screen printing flocking process?

1. High fineness: screen printing flocking process can realize very fine pattern printing, making the design effect more clear and detailed. Flocking technology gives textiles a rich texture, making the design more three-dimensional.

2. Rich texture: Flocking technology adds a unique texture and touch to textiles. By applying glue and sprinkling flocking powder on the printed pattern, a soft and rich layer of flocking can be formed.

3. strong durability: screen printing flocking process printed patterns have strong durability, these patterns are not easy to fade or fall off, in a number of cleaning and long time after the use of still remain bright and intact.
What fabrics are suitable for screen printing and flocking process?

1. cotton: cotton is a common choice for screen printing flocking process, because it has good water absorption and moderate stretch, making the process can maintain better stability and effect.

2. linen: linen fiber rough, can better adsorption of pigment and glue, make screen printing flocking pattern more solid and durable.

3.blended fabrics: blended fabrics are usually a combination of different kinds of fibers, such as polyester and cotton, with water absorption, abrasion resistance and softness and other characteristics, suitable for the application of screen printing flocking process, you can achieve a richer and more diverse effects.

4.velvet: velvet itself has a certain fluffy texture, combined with screen printing flocking process, can form a richer texture effect, making the design more three-dimensional vivid.
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