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T-shirt's unique craftsmanship code revealed (below)!

T-shirt's unique craftsmanship code revealed (below)!

Apr 6,2024
T-shirt's unique craftsmanship code revealed (below)!
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In the hot summer days, T-shirt is undoubtedly the most common fashion item in the street. It is simple, comfortable, and full of personality and creativity. However, behind this seemingly simple clothing, there is a rich variety of production processes.

From traditional plain weaving and knitting to modern digital printing and embroidery, each process gives a different style and flavor to T-shirts. Flat weaving process makes T-shirts more comfortable to wear with its delicate and soft characteristics; knitting process makes T-shirts more comfortable to wear when exercising with its unique texture and elasticity. The digital printing process, with its high-definition and realistic effect, makes the pattern on the T-shirt more vivid and vibrant; the embroidery process, with its exquisite and three-dimensional performance, makes the T-shirt more artistic and tasteful.

Today, let's go into the world of T-shirts, explore those common production processes, and feel the unique charm and unlimited possibilities they bring to T-shirts.

There are a variety of common processes for T-shirts, each of which has its own unique characteristics and is suitable for different wearing occasions and needs. The following are some common T-shirt processes:

Foamed pulp process:
Foaming pulp process is a printing technology with special effects, which utilizes resin coating color paste containing foaming agent to give three-dimensional and relief effects to fabrics through a series of fine operation steps.

The biggest advantage of the foaming pulp process is the strong sense of three-dimensionality, the printing surface is prominent and swelling, which can give the fabric a rich sense of hierarchy and visual effect. In addition, it also has high coverage, good elasticity, etc. For clothing and textile decoration, it can replace artificial embroidery and is widely used in many fields such as clothing printing, tablecloth printing, socks printing, etc.

Overall, the foaming pulp process is a unique and creative printing technology, which not only enhances the aesthetics of the fabric, but also brings a richer visual experience for clothing and textiles.

Silkscreen flocking process:
Screen printing flocking process is a unique printing technology, which combines screen printing and flocking technology perfectly, bringing rich colors and delicate touch to the fabric.

The characteristics of screen printing flocking process are the softness of touch and plushness. The flocked pattern has short, plump tufts that are reminiscent of early summer peaches, giving the fabric a soft, cozy touch. In addition, screen printing flocking process also has the advantages of strong three-dimensional feeling and realistic pattern, making the effect of printing elements more high-end.

In terms of application, screen printing flocking process is suitable for a variety of substrates, such as cotton T-shirts, paper, fabrics, non-woven fabrics, etc., almost not subject to the limitations of the shape and size of the plant body.

Overall, screen printing flocking process is a kind of printing technology that combines color and touch perfectly.

Beading and drilling are both common decorative techniques used in apparel and textiles, and they add a unique luster and texture to products.

Beading, also known as heavy-duty beading, is a commonly used garment and textile process. It refers to beading beads, bead pieces and other materials by hand or machine on clothing, shoes, bags or home furnishing fabrics. Hand beading has a unique decorative technique and artistic style, and its process requires professional hand or machine stapling and bead piece sewing. The materials of beading are various, common ones are plastic beads, glass beads, metal beads, crystal beads and so on. In some luxury and gorgeous garments, even high-grade pearls, gold and other precious materials will be used to enhance the sense of honor and value of the garment. The application of beading process makes the products more high-class and customized spirit, and the sense of details is more outstanding.

Iron on drill process:
Hot stamping drill is a kind of clothing accessories, mainly composed of hot stamping drill and hot stamping chart. Hot drawing is a specific pattern put together by hot drilling, which is pasted on the clothing material (such as T-shirt, denim or other clothing, as well as shoes, hats, bags, etc.) through adhesive backing paper, and finished by hot pressing using hot press machine. Hot stamping diamonds are divided into various types, such as matte, shiny, colored diamonds, etc., and their sizes and shapes can be arranged according to the design requirements. According to the source of production can be divided into Korean hot diamonds, Czech hot diamonds, Austrian hot diamonds and domestic hot diamonds, etc.; according to the texture can be divided into imitation crystal hot diamonds, glass hot diamonds, aluminum octagonal hot diamonds and so on. During the process of hot stamping, the diamond encounters high temperature (usually 150-200 degrees), which melts the adhesive layer at the bottom of the diamond, thus sticking it to the object. This process can make clothing and textiles more personalized and fashionable.

Whether it is beading or hot-stamping crafts, they require exquisite craftsmanship and professional techniques to ensure fine and long-lasting decorations. The application of these crafts not only enhances the beauty of the product, but also increases its market value.

Luminous Paste Process:
Luminous Paste Process is a unique printing technology that mainly utilizes luminous paste made by mixing luminous powder with specific resin, which is applied to textiles or other materials through specific printing methods to achieve the effect of luminous glow at night.

Glow-in-the-dark paste is mainly applied to the printing of textiles, such as T-shirts and sweatshirts. Through the printing process, glow-in-the-dark pastes are uniformly printed on fabrics to form various patterns and motifs. During the daytime, these patterns may not be conspicuous, but when the ambient light is dimmed, the luminous powder in the luminous paste starts to glow, making the patterns visible in the darkness and emitting a bright and long-lasting light.

One of the most popular features of glow-in-the-dark paste is environmentally friendly and energy-saving: glow-in-the-dark paste glows without the need for a power source, which saves energy, and the glow-in-the-dark materials are mostly non-toxic and eco-friendly, which is friendly to the environment. And luminous paste has a variety of colors, common yellow-green, blue-green, sky blue, etc., which can be selected or blended according to demand.

The luminous paste process provides textiles with a unique nighttime luminous effect, which is not only beautiful but also practical.

After an in-depth exploration of the T-shirt production process, we can find that behind every T-shirt lies a wealth of craftsmanship and artisanship. From traditional silk screen printing and embroidery, to modern digital printing and flocking process, to the technology-filled glow-in-the-dark pulp process, each process gives a different style and flavor to the T-shirt. These production processes not only enhance the beauty and comfort of T-shirts, but also make each T-shirt a unique work of art.

In the pursuit of fashion today, T-shirt has become an indispensable fashion item in people's daily life for its simplicity, comfort and individuality. And it is these exquisite production techniques that make T-shirts always maintain a vivid vitality in the fashion trend.

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