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Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback

Mar 29,2024
customer feedback
This is an issue of product news about customer feedback.

The customer found our lodyway website through a Google search. He contacted us after perusing our website for information and products. Our staff also responded to our customer in a timely manner and provided him with some guidance on clothing knowledge. The client, who had his own shop in their local area, was looking for some street man clothing styles and felt that we would be a great fit with the suppliers he was looking for. So after some communication between us. Placed an order right here with us. The picture on the left is the feedback he gave us after we sent him the sample and tried it on.
Custom rhinestone hoodies
customer feedback
Custom 3D puff hoodies
The client has always been in the garment industry. He has his own specific needs. He wants to make 3Dpuff hoodie. We provided him with the samples we had done before, and he thought the effect was quite good, so he cooperated with us to try it. When we finished the product and gave it to him, he said to us: I received the hoodie, his puff effect is much better than I expected. It's perfect. This made us very happy because our products were once again recognized by our customers.
customer feedback
Custom rhinestone hoodies set
The client's main occupation is not clothing, but his clothing sales channel is very popular, and we have been working with him for many years. The image above is the result of his latest hoodie set order.
customer feedback
Custom acid wash hoodies
This is a custom acid washed hoodie, and you can tell from the picture that it is very heavy, because it is made of 480 grams of pure cotton fabric. The customer is satisfied with the sample. At present, we are producing bulk and delivering them to him as soon as possible.
customer feedback
Custom silk screen printed hoodies
The customer said that the printing effect is very good, but he wants to improve the size. Because the size of his sample is the previous one, he needs a larger size now, so we are communicating with him and waiting for his new size table, and then we can start production.
customer feedback
Custom washed blank hoodies
The client, a young man fresh out of college who was trying to start his clothing line, found our lodyway website through a Google search and asked for our help. The picture above is the first sample we produced for him and he was very satisfied. And willing to continue working with us.

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