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A little information about fabric

A little information about fabric

Mar 23,2024
Men's casual clothing fabric introduction
Cotton Fibre:
Cotton fiber is the hair from the cotton seed, which belongs to the plant fiber. It has good hygroscopicity and moisturizing properties and is able to provide a soft feeling when the skin is in contact. Cotton fiber also has good heat and alkaline resistance, and is easy to wash and disinfect. In addition, cotton fiber is harmless to the human body and suitable for all kinds of people to wear. However, the disadvantages of cotton fiber are easy to wrinkle, not easy to dry after washing, large shrinkage rate and low color. To overcome these problems, manufacturers may pre-wash cotton fabrics, use resin anti-wrinkle technology, or blend cotton with other fibers
Polyester Fiber:
The biggest feature of polyester fiber is good elasticity, good anti-wrinkle thermal plasticity, but poor moisture absorption. Polyester fabrics are crisp and wrinkle-free, so they are sometimes called "no-wear" fabrics. It also has good wear resistance and strength, beautiful appearance, and is easy to clean and dry. However, the moisture absorption and air permeability of polyester are relatively poor, and it is easy to absorb dust due to static electricity
Bast Fiber Fabric:
The strength, thermal conductivity and hygroscopic properties of hemp fabric are greater than those of cotton fabric. It is not sensitive to acid-base reaction and has good anti-mold properties. Hemp fabric is not easy to be damp and mildew, bright color and not easy to fade. The ironing temperature is higher, but it can be ironed directly on the reverse side after the water falls. The disadvantage of hemp fabric is that it feels rough and is not as soft as cotton fabric
Wool Fabric:
Woolen fabrics usually refer to fabrics made of wool or cashmere, which are strong, wear resistant, warm, elastic, wrinkle resistant and do not fade easily. However, wool is easily eaten by insects, often rubbed and pilling, long-term exposure to bright light may cause tissue damage, and poor heat resistance
Polyamide Fabric:
Nylon fiber has good elasticity and fluffiness, similar to wool. It has high strength, good shape preservation, crisp appearance, warmth and light resistance. However, the hygroscopic property of nylon is poor, and the comfort is relatively poor. Some properties of nylon fabric can be improved by blending with natural fiber or regenerated cellulose fiber
Denim Fabric:
Denim fabric is a pure cotton twill, known for its rough, thick and strong. In recent years, in addition to the traditional denim style, a new type of fabric has been developed that looks similar to denim but has more elegant and chic characteristics.

When choosing men's casual clothing, you should consider the comfort, durability, care requirements of the fabric and whether it matches your personal style preferences. Different fabrics are suitable for different seasons and events, so knowing the characteristics of each fabric will help you make a more appropriate choice.
Two, Men's Casual Clothing Fabric Selection Skills

When choosing men's casual clothing fabrics, the following points should be noted:

1.Choose according to the season: according to the climate characteristics of different seasons, choose the appropriate fabric. For example, you can choose cotton fabrics with good air permeability in summer, and wool or down fabrics with strong warmth in winter.
2.Choose according to the occasion: according to different occasions, choose the appropriate fabric. For example, casual occasions can choose cotton, hemp and other natural materials of fabrics, formal occasions can choose silk, wool and other high-grade fabrics.
3.According to personal preferences: everyone's aesthetic and dressing habits are different, so when choosing men's casual clothing fabrics, personal preferences and needs should be fully considered

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