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American Magic Sourcing Exhibition

American Magic Sourcing Exhibition

Mar 6,2024
On February 10th, our employees finally arrived in the United States after a flight of more than ten hours. Why do we fly so far to America? The picture above is our answer.
We were in Las Vegas for a week.
We come to magic sourcing every year, where we have met many customers and become long-term partners and friends with them.
This time, lodyway brought a lot of new styles and new designs for 2024 to the exhibition. At the exhibition site, we reached a cooperation plan with many buyers, and they liked our design very much, and many individuals directly placed orders for us on the scene. We are also pleased that our designs and styles have been recognized
The lady in the picture on the right is our employee, and the other three men are buyers who participated in the exhibition. We reached the intention of cooperation with them after introduction and negotiation. This is a picture of us after.
The whole show is actually only three days long, but we're excited to meet more people and work with them to help develop their brands.
In the next four days, our colleagues went to visit the beautiful scenery of Las Vegas, and also went to experience the most famous project in Las Vegas - gambling.
We also visited our customers in the Las Vegas area and asked them how their business was doing and if there was anything we could help them with? We talked to them about future trends and helped them solve things that they couldn't solve on the Internet, and they were happy about that. And we had dinner together.
We went to see the new Las Vegas landmark, which is very famous on the Internet, and heard that it cost billions of dollars, which sounds crazy. But when you watch it live, you feel like these billions of dollars are shaking you every minute.
Of course, we also watched the night scene of Las Vegas, there are bright lights everywhere, and every light on the road is like telling the story of everyone here, some people achieve wealth freedom here, and some people lose their homes here. So there is a limit to gambling. Absolutely not all in.
Everyone must have a question, why didn't I send a notice before going to the exhibition, because it was just the time of our Chinese New Year holiday. So I didn't send it when I was off work. But next time, we will send it out in advance and send out the exhibition we will go to, the location and the contact information. If you are interested, you are very welcome to visit and cooperate with us, thank you
From Lodyway.

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