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We're back. Wish you all a happy New Year

We're back. Wish you all a happy New Year

Feb 28,2024
A New Year-Lodyway

First of all, happy New Year to you all
In China, the New Year is very important for everyone. Just as important as Christmas in the West. It means reunion and joy and happiness. After a year's hard work, people finally return to their hometown, get together with their families, There are also many festival activities for people to relax.
Chinese New Year, almost everyone will buy a new set of clothes to express their yearning for a better life. Especially children, on the New Year's Day, they can't wait to take a bath early, so that they can put on the new clothes their parents bought for them.
If you come to China to celebrate the New Year, you will see a lot of red lanterns and red paper cuts, because red represents joy and happiness in China. At the same time, you can see many children playing in the street and setting off firecrackers, their faces are full of happy smiles. If you are walking down the street on Chinese New Year and find a lot of red shredded paper on the ground, please don't get the wrong idea, they are just the traces left by people after setting off firecrackers. Why don't you clean? As mentioned earlier, red represents happiness in China. So the debris stays on the ground for a few days, and then it's cleaned up
Lion dance
Chinese lion dance is an ancient Chinese culture, which has a history of thousands of years. They are made of bright fabrics through delicate sewing, each set of lion dance performance costume is the embodiment of art, the value of a lot of money. Lion dance is usually performed by two people, they need to go through continuous hard practice, in order to bring the best effect to the audience, their performance is very easy, but the lion's head is very heavy, the reason why it looks very easy, this is the result of their continuous practice. Let's say thank you for their service
Lion dance
The lion dance is not only performed on the ground, but the most powerful is performed on several sticks, which is very difficult to study the tacit understanding and cooperation between the two performers, because the sticks are very high from the ground. A mistake will result in injury. One might wonder why it's so dangerous to perform on a stick. This is because Chinese people like to challenge their limits, constantly go beyond themselves, and make themselves more powerful. Just like the world of today is different from the world of yesterday.
Yingge dance
When you see this text, you can see a picture on the left, they are full of passion, their faces are full of colorful makeup. Wear colorful outfits and combinations. This is a kind of kung fu dance from my hometown. They are usually made up of a dozen to 107 people, each with a different role. They represent real people in history. This is a dance that requires a very long period of training and practice. They will listen to the rhythm of the whistle and change positions and movements to perform
From Lodyway Wish
Our company's 20-day holiday has come to an end. Our employees have also returned to work, and everyone has received a red envelope (money) from the boss. Our customers have also begun to discuss with us the order plan and style purchase for the New Year.
If you are interested in working with our company, please practice with us and once again wish everyone a happy New Year, lots of money and happiness. thank you.

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