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How to Import Streetwear from China?

How to Import Streetwear from China?

May 12,2023
China is now at the center of the business world with its wide range of industries and products. The apparel industry is no exception. In this article, we will discuss who are the best streetwear manufacturers in China and how to import streetwear from China. Read on to learn more.
 Import Streetwear from China

Who Are the Best Streetwear Manufacturers in China?

Even when it comes to streetwear, China has a wide range of production lines. However, not all are the best. The best streetwear manufacturers in China can be identified by the following criteria.

1. Product Range

Different suppliers specialize in different product categories. Sometimes, specialization even covers materials. When it comes to clothing, it's no different. If you are willing to import organic cotton t-shirts certified by a specific organization, you will need to look specifically at those suppliers who produce products with that specific certification. No cotton t-shirt manufacturer can do that.

In terms of clothing, it also involves some technical requirements such as printing technology. Not all suppliers offer all kinds of printing. Therefore, if you are looking for a specific printing technique, you should go to a manufacturer that offers it. Lodyway is a professional men's streetwear manufacturer, specializing in providing customers with high-quality products and services. Lodyway offers a variety of garment manufacturing processes, enabling customers to customize men's streetwear products to their satisfaction. From washing, embossing, flat dyeing, tie-dyeing to embroidery, and more, Lodyway can handle it all.

2. Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) Requirements

Different suppliers have different MOQ requirements. For example, a supplier might set their MOQ to 500 pieces. In this case, you must purchase or order at least that quantity online. Otherwise, the supplier company will not accept your order.

There are some factors about MOQ that will give you better output if you keep them in mind. A supplier's MOQ generally reflects the minimum quantity of fabric a supplier can source from its contractors and subcontractors.

So if you use the same color and fabric on more than one product, the overall MOQ will be less. Also, custom fabrics with custom colors usually have a higher MOQ compared to standard-colored fabrics.

3. Fabric Quality

Many companies often look at fabric quality. This becomes even more common when you rely on the manufacturer to provide all the parts for a successful production, including the fabric. As many histories tell, reliable fashion apparel manufacturers may even have some difficulty purchasing quality fabrics from responsible sellers.

In these cases, asking for more and more samples will not improve much. So it would be better if you get a set of samples and test them to the max. It will help you know how long your fabric will last. Also, you need to be very direct and specific in setting up your requirements.

4. Price

Price is always the primary factor. Regardless of the quality of your textiles, prices must always be kept within an affordable range.

Now, the good news is that Chinese manufacturers offer clothing at quite low prices compared to other global manufacturers. So you don't have to worry about price in most cases. However, as the price decreases, sometimes the quality also decreases.

Therefore, you must pay attention that the quality of the product must not decrease with the decrease in price. Even sometimes, you may need to buy a more expensive product for better output.

At Lodyway, some customers want to know how much the unit price of a large item is. Only after the sample is ready, can we calculate the unit price of a piece of clothing, and then give the customer a specific quotation. Our sample times vary according to customer needs and the technology used.

5. Quality

To ensure the best quality, the best option is to ask for a batch of samples and check whether they meet your requirements.

Typically, the regular product flow will coincide with the sample. So, if the samples are top-notch, you can hope that future products will be as well. However, you need to keep in mind that premium products can sometimes cost more, although this is not an obvious reason.

Lodyway supports customers to make OEM first and lets customers test our quality first. Also, every customer has different needs. Lodyway has professional fashion designers who can help customers design the styles they want, and then make samples. If there is anything that needs to be modified, we can modify and communicate with them in time.

6. Shipping Time

Shipping time plays a vital role in choosing a manufacturing company. While some companies will offer overseas delivery within a few days or a week, others take weeks or even months.

However, as a wholesaler, you must meet the needs of your retail customers. And you'll find that none of them want to charge late.

So check the shipping times of different Chinese manufacturers and choose the one with the shorter shipping time. While looking for a better shipping time, don't forget to look for the best shipping method.

7. Experience

Experience is everything. With the continuous expansion of China's garment industry, many manufacturing companies are being born. Although the offers of some new companies may look lucrative, in reality, they do not have the necessary experience to meet the needs of their clients.

Therefore, you should go to an experienced manufacturing company. Also, remember that experience does not represent an old company. It means a company that only provides you with the style of clothing you want for a long time and can guarantee to provide the same style in the future.

How to Import Trendy Clothing from Chinese Fashion Clothing Manufacturers?

Importing products from a country is never easy. However, when the country is China, it is easier than others because China is now the center of all business.

Furthermore, there are two types of exporters. One exports only fixed types of products, while the other exports customized products.

That is to say, you must import products that can be customized as needed or can be imported after proper customization, the latter being the most common.

This is the process of how to import from Chinese custom clothing manufacturers.

1. Develop a Concept

First, you need to develop a concept for the order you want to place. But before that, you need to find a manufacturer.

You can look for fashion apparel manufacturers yourself. If you are not sure how to find a streetwear manufacturer, you can refer to our How to find a streetwear manufacturer from China.

When you develop a concept, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. For example, you need to consider product range, quality management system, social compliance, etc. In some countries, such as the United States and the European Union, product compliance records are also required to be maintained.

2. Create Your Technology Package

Then you need to create the necessary technical package for your order. It is a document that contains all technical information about products and affiliated companies. Some things need to be included in the technology package.

For example, you will need to include fabric specifications in your technical package, which include material or fiber composition, product weight, yarn count, yarn type, color, coating, treatment, etc.

A list of components or materials will also be included in the technical package. Designs, size charts, logos, etc. should also be included.

3. Obtain Cut Paper

Then you need to get an information sheet about the device. Such sheets of information are called cut sheets.

This table describes and provides the characteristics and/or specifications of the device. Cut paper is required for almost all commercial work. The trendy clothing industry is no exception.

4. Sample Making

The next step is sample production. When you contact a manufacturing company or a purchasing agent or company on your behalf, you need to ask for samples.

Then the company will send the samples to you. You can then evaluate the samples and finalize the product. A purchasing agent or company can conduct sample evaluations on your behalf.

5. Make the Product

When you evaluate the samples and finalize the product, the manufacturer company will start mass production of the product. The quantity of products that the company will produce is the quantity mentioned in the technical package and other documents.

6. Quality Inspection

It is an essential part of any production line. In some cases, quality checks are performed after sampling.

In other cases, it is done after the first line arrives. So MOQ is important in this case.

There are different companies that will do the QA for you. However, if you hire a professional grade sourcing agent or company, they will do all the steps for you from start to finish.

7. Ship Trendy Clothes From China

The final step is ensuring proper shipping. When you want to ship clothes from China, you need to know about all possible shipping methods.

The fastest shipping method is express. You can also ship by different types of freight – air freight, rail freight, sea freight, etc.

In Conclusion

Like all other industries, China has managed to make a name for itself in the apparel industry. For the same reason, companies from different countries in the world are now importing fashion apparel products from China. If you are looking for a Chinese men's fashion manufacturer to help you start your men's fashion business, welcome to contact us.

Lodyway is a professional custom men's fashion clothing manufacturer. We pay attention to the growth of your clothing brand and make your brand more popular with users. Lodyway's one-stop customization service perfectly meets your clothing brand customization needs! We have a first-class design team and controllable quality, we can launch new designs every month, from clothing fabrics to styles, we have excellent supply chain solutions.

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We pay attention to the growth of your clothing brand and make your brand more popular with users. Lodyway's one-stop customization service can perfectly meet your clothing brand customization needs!We have a first-class design team and controllable quality, we can launch new designs every month, from clothing fabrics to styles, we have excellent supply chain solutions, contact us now and start from a sample order to know our perfect Serve.
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