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6 Tips for Men's Streetwear Styling

6 Tips for Men's Streetwear Styling

Apr 8,2023
men's style streetwear
Streetwear is perhaps the most common type of style for men. This is a casual style that became popular in the 1990s. Imagine what most young adults and millennials are wearing these days - that's what streetwear is all about. It's effortless and comfortable without sacrificing style. Streetwear typically includes sneakers, graphic T-shirts, casual shorts, and sweatpants as key clothing items.

While streetwear can encompass a fairly wide range of styles, there are some tried-and-true tips that are sure to elevate your look. Are you ready to step up your style this year? Here are six tips you can apply to create streetwear from head to toe:

1. Choose Skinny Cargo Pants

Today, many men still prefer cargo pants for their comfort and functionality. They have lots of pockets, which many men love because they no longer have to carry a bag around. Overalls can still be worn, but only if you actually opt for a stylish pair.

With this in mind, a modern take on the common cargo pants is skinny joggers. They're still comfortable and functional, with a utilitarian feel without being baggy. Team your cargo or jogging pants with your favorite sneakers and a cool tee, and you're ready to go.

2. Choose High-Quality Fabrics

Like other clothing types, men's streetwear comes in different fabric types. Of course, there are better than others. Since they're something you'll wear more often when you're not in the office, it makes perfect sense that you should always opt for quality fabrics when shopping for streetwear.

Wearing streetwear that is sewn from high-quality fabrics can actually make all the difference and make you look better. You don't have to worry too much about creases, seams, and loose threads looking messy and unpleasant.

Streetwear fabrics used by Lodyway
Streetwear fabrics

Known as the most widely used fabric due to its versatility, cotton can be found in hats, sweaters, pants, and hoodies. Cotton is great for everyday wear because it resists pilling, allowing you to walk around comfortably without worrying about tearing.

Soft, breathable, and durable cotton proves to be an all-rounder.

Recommended collocation: hoodie, pants


The polyester fabric lets you say goodbye to the inconvenience of wrinkles and stains. This ease of maintenance makes it a popular material for bomber jackets, pants, T-shirts, and hoodies.

When blended with cotton, polyester enhances its potential and increases breathability. Also, it retains its shape and color even when worn for a long time.

Recommended collocation: bomber jackets, pants, t-shirts, and hoodies

Twill Fabric

A plain weave fabric in which the twill yarns are packed closely together to form its signature thick pattern of twill parallel ribs. Twill fabrics generally have a front (technical face) and a back (technical back), with the front being more visually appealing, durable, and visible.

Commonly used in sturdy workwear, trousers/pants, and upholstery, this durable fabric choice is also common and distinctive in denim, chino, twill, twill, and gabardine - all of which is a type of twill or variants.

Recommended collocation: shirt, pants

Woven Nylon and Nylon Blend

Nylon is a synthetic polymer fabric made from monomers -- long chains of carbon-based molecules. Originally marketed as an alternative to silk for stockings, it is by far one of the most commonly used fabrics due to its high versatility.

This quick-drying material is strong, durable, lightweight, and tear-resistant, making it an excellent choice for waterproof clothing. Its good dyeability and fade resistance also allow it to be produced in a variety of attractive colors and styles.

Recommended collocation: jacket, pants, shorts

Woven Polyester and Polyester Blends

One of the most well-known synthetic fabrics, polyester is beloved for its durability and affordability. Its strong fibers make the fabric resistant to tearing, stretching, pilling, and abrasion, making it a truly versatile clothing choice, even for gear like backpacks and camping tents.

Its moisture resistance also makes it less prone to stains, and when blended with cotton, its shrinkage, wrinkle resistance and durability are enhanced.

Recommended collocation: jacket, pants, shorts


Known for its distinctive raised cord or longitudinal grain, this enduring fabric dates back to ancient Egypt around 200 BC and is still widely used today. A ridged material consisting of woven fleece cut yards that are then cut into ropes or lengthwise to form vertical ribs, its unique twill weave texture creates a thick, durable fabric for warmth and durability.

Recommended collocation: trousers, jacket


A man-made synthetic product, not to be confused with a sheep coat, the fleece fabric is made of polyester. Woven into a lightweight fabric, it's brushed to help add fiber volume, providing plush and comfortable insulation.

Its moisture-resistant properties make it a popular choice for cool-weather and activewear, wicking away sweat and allowing air to circulate to keep skin comfortable and dry.

Recommended outfits: Hoodie, shorts, sweatshirt, sweatpants


Double-knit cotton fabrics feature raised parallel cords or fine ribs that give the fabric an embossed look, with a more formal pattern and structure than jersey. Its favorable texture and weave type hides and reveals less perspiration, combined with its breathability, durability, and ease of care among other attributes, it's no wonder it's a popular fabric for activewear.

Recommended for: polo tees, shirts, tees


Poplin is a ribbed variation of plain weave that offers softness and durability due to its weave structure and high density, which also allows the fabric to be used on both sides. Lightweight, durable, and with a distinctive sheen, it's not only a popular choice for shirting but also for upholstery.

Recommended for: Shirts

3. Think Looser, Not Baggy

Making streetwear look stylish also involves being able to draw the line between baggy and baggy. The streetwear you choose should be loose enough to be comfortable. However, it shouldn't be so baggy that your outfit doesn't look flattering anymore.

Don't choose clothes that are so tight that you won't be able to move around. You might as well wear a suit. Remember, streetwear is more about comfort without sacrificing your style.

4. Buy a Good Pair of Sneakers

A good pair of sneakers is the icing on the cake for streetwear. In fact, your sneakers are the most important part of your look. No streetwear is complete without them. When you invest in quality streetwear, you should also opt for quality sneakers. They should be able to withstand wear and tear.

If you want to have sneakers that match your everyday streetwear, go for basic or neutral colors. Skip super bright or those designs that you have a hard time matching with your outfit.

5. Restrictions on Logos

Even if you're a loyal patron of a streetwear brand, that doesn't mean you can walk around like the brand's walking ads. Looking stylish means having a clean, casual look. As much as possible, this means not overwhelming and bold logos.

If you're looking to simplify your life, neutral colors can go a long way. When you stick to the fundamentals, you rarely need to mix and match. Plus, you don't have to spend too much time thinking about your outfit or worrying about whether you've gone too far with color.

6. Choose Good Denim

For the days when you want to ditch your jogging pants and cargo pants, you can't go wrong with quality jeans. Not only will it last, but the high-quality denim will offer understated class.

All you need is classic styles: dark jeans and more casual blue jeans that will go with just about any tee you choose to wear.
Best Streetwear For Men
Here's our selection of eye-catching outfits to keep you on top of today's latest trends.

Today, jogging pants are at the forefront of streetwear and are a major part of creating a comfortable yet eye-catching look.

In the context of streetwear, fashion-forward men have been wearing joggers in a variety of jogger pants, from sweatpants materials to denim and even khaki joggers featuring classic tapered ankles and drawstring waistbands.

Joggers can be the basics of men's streetwear...with a hoodie, bomber jacket, or even a blazer and a white tee. It's one streetwear staple you won't want to give up.
Custom men's drawstring elastic waist  streetwear shorts street style fashion comfortable stretch  shorts
Custom men's drawstring elastic waist streetwear shorts street style fashion comfortable stretch shorts
Custom men's drawstring elastic waist printed streetwear pants street style fashion comfortable stretch  pants
men's drawstring elastic waist printed streetwear pants street style fashion comfortable stretch pants
Customized mens summer fashion street style casual oversize shorts
Customized mens summer fashion street style casual oversize shorts with free inside label and hang tag

While you might think cargo pants are the ultimate dad look, these practical and versatile pants are a must-have for any streetwear look. Cargo pants have certainly experienced a renaissance in recent years, but have always had a place in streetwear culture.

Not only can you fit all your belongings into multiple pockets (although we recommend using a crossbody bag instead of weighing down pants), but they look impressive with a variety of tops.

For classic men's streetwear, try pairing cargo pants with polo shirts, dad hats, and bomber jackets. Or swap out polo shirts for bold logo tees and oversized hoodies.
Custom men's high-quality straight multi-pocket nylon/polyester tooling wide-leg pants
Custom men's high-quality straight multi-pocket nylon/polyester tooling wide-leg pants
Custom mens  high-quality cargo pants street style fashion comfortable multi-pocket pants
Custom mens high-quality cargo pants street style fashion comfortable multi-pocket pants
Custom men's high-quality tie-dye multi-pocket overalls with waist rope pants
Custom men's high-quality tie-dye multi-pocket overalls with waist rope pants

The Dalian hoodie is the heart of streetwear, but there's still a difference between the oversized fit and the boxy fit. When it comes to streetwear, oversized hoodies and all manner of loose-fitting garments reign supreme. Loose clothing still roughly fits your figure, while baggy clothing simply engulfs you.

Pair a loose sweatshirt with leggings for a contrast in your outfit. Look best with skinny jeans or straight-leg pants, and pair them with sneakers or platform boots for a creative twist on your outfit.
Custom Hoodie Plus-size Loose  Print  Men's Fashion Brand Hoodie
Pullover hoodie sweatshirt by Market. Tie-dye wash and topped with graphics. Fitted with a pouch pocket and ribbing trims.
100%Cotton 380g Heavyweight Sweatshirts Men Oversized Casual Garment With Thick Solid Color Hoodie
Hoodies are essential for wardrobe , comfortable layers. Hoodies work as a classic mid-layer or a standalone everyday basic.
Printed Logo Men Private Label Custom Hoodies Cotton Unisex Plain Essential Scorch Hoodie Sweatshirt
Combine a plain hoodies and trainers for a versatile everyday outfit or pair with cropped trousers to secure minimalistic vibes

In Conclusion

Streetwear sounds simple, but it can also be a complicated affair to master. It might seem pretty simple, especially given the randomness that characterizes it. However, that's not to say that making a living in streetwear gives you an excuse not to dress appropriately today. Men can be stylish too, even if it's just for a quick coffee shop or grocery store.

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