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Men's Street Style Guide

Men's Street Style Guide

Mar 28,2023
men's streetwear
men's streetwear
Back in the '80s, streetwear was the domain of skateboarders, surfers, and rappers. It used to be a style against luxury and high-end. Today, it's a huge fashion phenomenon, popping up on the runways and red carpets, yet comfortable enough to wear every day.

Whether you're ready to embrace the street culture or just want to look effortlessly stylish, this guide is for you. With a focus on versatility, knowledge, and inspiration, you can stand out from the crowd and make your statement.

Read on to learn more about this on-trend look for men's streetwear.
What is Street Style?
Before we tell you the ins and outs of street style for men, you might be wondering - what is street style? In short, it's casual yet stylish clothing you wear on the street. You wear this style to go out and conquer your day—and look hot while doing so. More specifically, streetwear stems from and is inspired by urban life and youth culture. It's all about trends and fashions from real people - their interests or subcultures. Think skateboarding, surfing, hip-hop, K-pop or sports culture, not those dominated by fashion shows or studios.
Features of  Streetwear Style
As varied as men's streetwear may be, there are a few things about it that can help you understand it better. Let's focus on four of them.

It must be very comfortable. From the beginning, street style has been sportswear. It includes casual basics, and functional athleisure pieces that are the very definition of comfort. Nothing too skinny or too skinny. Streetwear is designed for active sports and lifestyles. For the perfect vibe, choose a loose tee and quality denim.

Rare items are valuable. Streetwear brands are known for creating an artificial scarcity of their products. While that might seem like a bad thing, for hype freaks, it's part of the fun. They go out of their way to buy a limited-edition hoodie or a pair of sneakers that are available for a limited time. The one-thousandth item is the most fashionable. Especially if it boasts a fashion icon or is seen on a hyped celebrity.

It makes a statement. The art on streetwear t-shirts and hoodies is bold and eye-catching. It's an announcement from your inner world, a joke, a scream, and anything but boring. Even when it comes to licensing collaborations, the best streetwear designers manage to poke fun at classic labels.
Men's Street Style Wardrobe Essentials
You probably already have all the basics in your closet. Here are five elements worth investing in. They can be casual, understated but high-quality pieces from the mass market. You can build on them and incorporate more and more crazy elements into your outfits.

A basic tee in solid colors like black, white, or gray is a must. Choose a comfortable fit that fits the right size. You can use them as layered undershirts or as actual tops. Don't skimp on quality here, you need good cotton to touch your body.
Custom Men's t shirt Chinese Embroidered Phoenix Loose Street-style Cotton Summer t shirt
This is a fashionable, very popular young people street alphabet print short sleeve
New Fashion T- Shirt Men Hip Hop Streetwear T Shirt Graphic Printed Casual Short Sleeve Tee For Men
Custom printing soft style high quality 100% cotton custom T-shirt for men with free inside label and hang tag
Hip Hop Crew-Neck Tee Of Men 100% Cotton Custom Print Streetwear Oversize Overdye Graphic T-shirt
Combine a plain white oversize floral graphic T-shirt with denim trainers and skateboard for a versatile everyday outfit.
Casual Crew-neck Tee Men 100% Cotton Custom Print Streetwear Oversize Rhinestone Gsphic T-Shirt
Combine a plain black tee with denim and trainers for a versatile everyday outfit or pair with cropped trousers.

You can't call it a streetwear wardrobe without a hoodie or two. A cool casual top will set the mood with comfort and style. Although it's usually about labels, you can definitely start with cheaper options if the design is good. Or pair it with a plain hoodie with simple text on it. The must-have hoodie should go with everything in your wardrobe because you'll be wearing it a lot.
Skateboard Pullover Boy's Unisex Sweatshirt Men's Custom Cotton Men Love The World Tie-Dye Hoodie
Pullover hoodie sweatshirt by Market. Tie-dye wash and topped with graphics. Fitted with a pouch pocket and ribbing trims.
100%Cotton 380g Heavyweight Sweatshirts Men Oversized Casual Garment With Thick Solid Color Hoodie
Hoodies are essential for wardrobe , comfortable layers. Hoodies work as a classic mid-layer or a standalone everyday basic.
Custom Logo Printing Mens Vintage Style Heavyweight Stone Acid Wash Zip Up Hoodie
This is a fashionable street hoodie, which is very popular in the street culture of Europe and the United States
Custom Hoodie Plus-size Loose  Print  Men's Fashion Brand Hoodie
Pullover hoodie sweatshirt by Market. Tie-dye wash and topped with graphics. Fitted with a pouch pocket and ribbing trims.

First, you'll need a pair of blue jeans. Long gone are the days when street style only meant baggy trousers, so you can opt for slim or straight leg pants. Also, pants are no longer the centerpiece (that spot is taken by hoodies and sneakers). They will calm and balance your appearance.

The second pair should be jogging pants, the most comfortable pants out there. There are many types of jogging pants: chinos or sweatpants, with or without pockets. We recommend starting with black wide pants like these.
Custom High-quality Pants Men's Harem Cropped Pants Patchwork Graffiti Cotton Elastic Waistband Mens Stacked Flare Sweatpants
gallery men clothing long sleeve jogger men track pants high quality cotton hand painted flared sweatpants
100% Cotton Black OEM Pants Carpenter Denim Painter Pant Trending Casual Pants For Men Jogger Pants
Drawing inspiration from the Los Angeles skateboard community this pair of cargo pants comes in a black and white colour scheme
Custom Logo Sweatpants New Tie-dye Contrast Personality Trend Casual Jeans  Mens Stacked Flare Sweatpants
gallery men clothing long sleeve jogger men track pants high quality cotton hand painted flared sweatpants

As always, there are plenty of options for jackets. But we recommend starting with regular denim. It will be the perfect versatile outer layer for your look.

Other classic options include flannels, bomber jackets, and parkas. To choose, pay close attention to the outline you want to create. If you want to go big, down jackets are probably the way to go.
Custom Logo Man Shirt Collar Plain Lined Heavy Canvas Cargo Pockets Coaches Jacket Mens Designer Work Jacket
Long sleeve garment-dyed cotton and nylon-blend canvas jacket in grey featuring dyed pattern in black.
Men'S Fashionable Quilted 100% Cotton Ins Style Multi-Pocket Lightweight Men Pockets Jacket Cargo
Brown, cotton, multiple cargo pockets,front decorated with two way zipper, ribbed straight collar.
Skateboard Pullover Boy's Unisex Sweatshirt Men's Custom Satin Private Label Custom Hoodies
Combine a plain hoodies with denim and trainers for a versatile everyday outfit or pair with cropped trousers.
Men Coaches Jacket  Winter Outdoor Waterproof Breathable Vintage US EU Skateboarding Long Sleeve Coat Hip Hop Men Jackets
Soft as a cloud, dry as a bone,a 100% polyester fashion puffer jacket that fuses all-weather function.
Men's Streetwear: Sports Details
The mainstay of modern men's street style is sportswear. You can't go wrong adding hoodies, jogging pants and sweatshirts to your wardrobe. Team it with a sweat suit and sneakers in the same color for a head-to-toe sporty vibe. Or, elevate your active look with neutral-colored shorts and shoes and a statement hoodie in trendy neon colours. Balance your glow with a baseball cap from your favorite team or a unique pair of framed sunglasses.

You can also embrace men's street style by throwing on a piece or two of your favorite activewear. Wear jogging pants for downtown strolls with a bold striped tee and a structured pea coat for added style.

Wear it with a comfy, well-worn sweatshirt and skinny jeans. Bring a no-nonsense, relaxed vibe to your menswear streetwear with just one sportswear-inspired element.
Men's Streetwear: Contemporary Patterns and Colors
Menswear street style is about the trends of the moment and the impact they have. An important method is pattern and color. Fashion in past years has borrowed from utilitarian or military styles. The same goes for street fashion. Play with this trend by adding a camouflage button-down or utility jacket to your look. Mix soft olive green, slate black and tan in your color palette.

Neutrality not your thing? Pastels and neon shades for summer. Or, find a middle ground with stripes or floral elements. Street style also loves great graphic tees. Whether it's graffiti art, brand logos or images of your favorite pop culture icons, they're streetwear.

Style expert tip: Street style embraces experimentation, so don't be afraid to mix patterns and throw together colors you don't see often. Who says you can't wear a floral shirt and camo jeans? Why can't you wear black and brown at the same time? The only fashion voice that matters in streetwear is yours.

Use these streetwear tips as a starting point to find out what gets you ready to hit the streets.
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